silk brocade black intricate design

silk brocade black intricate design
silk brocade black intricate design
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we custom make your color/designs

ask for quantity

we do custom curtain/bed spread/bed skirt shams etc

we sell swatches

orders 20 yards + shipped through fedex express 2 – 5 days delivery from india

orders less than 20 yards shipped thru registered airmail post 12—15 days delivery

black silk bro brocade 
Brocade is an ornate shuttle-woven fabric, often made with colorful threads silk, cotton, polyester, and sometimes with gold and silver threads. Brocade is originally a Kurdish word in Arabic is sometimes pronounced as ‘Brocar’. The word ‘Bro’ means the prophet and the word ‘Car’ means job or craft.

Brocade is typically woven on a draw loom in which each thread can be controlled separately. Brocade is then woven using a weft technique, Brocade is woven. In spite of its intricate weave, the final fabric of Brocade resembles an embroidered texture.
Brocade fabric was initially limited to haute couture or fashionable magazine covers, but due to its increasing use by designers and craftsmen it is extensively used in making stoles, scarves, dress materials, curtains, cushion covers and many clothing products. and home decor products, it moved into the mainstream fashion and became a popular fabric.







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